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Today we answer the question: Munchkins: Can you eat them?






Maybe so?

The question was originally posed by a friend a few months ago, when I was giving a tour of the pumpkins in my hallway. My response at the time was, “I don’t know, but we’re going to find out!” The time for finding out finally came a few weeks ago, as one of my original three Munchkins had gone bad (the floor life on that one was apparently only 5 months) and another one was starting to show a little mold ring around the collar. Or you know, MRATC as they say in the business. Or as I just made up right now.


MRATC, here visible with the Munchkin now right-side up. Its lack of a middle piece stemmed from my little niece having a good time moving it one day from the hallway to the kitchen, and back, on repeat 🙂

I figured the best way to answer the question would be to bake the Munchkins as if they were regular pumpkins. So I cut them in half, then cut them in half again, scooped out the seeds, and popped them in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 375 degrees.





After cutting away the MRATC, I wound up with six pieces to bake. I also baked them face down, as shown in the last picture above (the one with the pumpkin disco effect, #nofilter). When I took them out of the oven, they looked, felt, and……….drumroll…………tasted pretty much like regular-sized pumpkins.

So, Munchkins: Can you eat them??? Yes!!

They’re not just for decoration anymore.


Munchkins with Maple Syrup, Mmmmmmm.

If you’re feeling the fiber, you can even eat the skin, which is fairly thin. I baked the mini seeds too, and they also turned out well. I added a little olive oil and salt, and put them in the oven until crispy. I actually liked the Munchkin seeds better than the regular pumpkin seeds that I had made recently – the mini ones were less woody, more crispy, and easy to chew. I’ll try this again in the fall come pumpkin time, but I think we’ve found a keeper, in particular for the seeds. Good and crunchy. Has anyone else ever cooked with Munchkins? If you have some great uses or ideas, let me know!


‘Tis the season

It’s Halloween time! It’s when pumpkins can become people (with and without bodies), people can become whatever they like, and all gourds come to life. It can be complicated, trying to figure out what all the pumpkins and others are thinking and saying, but leave it to me. I’ve been listening and watching, and I also speak a little calabaza, so I can help translate. I wager it’ll be entertaining, but if by the end you’re gourd to death, then, well, I think it worked out too.




Lettuce scare you!

With our pointy plastic heads.


Haha! That was a good one! Makes me happy and feel all warm inside.


Laugh all you want… You don’t have to wear these overalls everyday.


Cheese, pumpkins can be so cranky sometimes.


My last soul-sucking job made me cranky too… So I decided to leave and BRANCH out into other goblinry.


Well that’s acorn-y one.


Speak for yourself, the quality of that one made me green with envy.


Us too!


I butternut comment or another squash is gonna make fun of me… But aren’t you guys really blue?


True, true… You’re blue, orange you?


I’m sensing a fight… En gourd!


Okay enough of that silly stuff… Does this picture make my butt look big?


Hubba, Hubbard.

Let's hang out in my cupboard.

Let’s hang out in my cupboard.




It’s okay, I know… They should have been more Delicata.


I think it’s time to HEAD out to the party, meet some new squash… What are you going to dress up as?


Me?… I’m going to be a pumpkin.